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From one of the largest group of companies in the region (Ittihad International Investment LLC ), Since its establishment , IICT (Ittihad International Chemicals Trading LLC) and its manufacturing firm – UCF(Union Chemicals Factory ) has assumed its position as a prominent manufacturer of Chemicals producing sulphonic chemicals like Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) along with other Commodity and Specialty Chemicals.

As Head office located in down-town Abu Dhabi , our manufacturing plant located in Industrial City Of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), which spans over a total area of 7,175 sqms that manufactures approximately 3.2 tons of high quality LABSA and SLES per hour and houses a fully-automated and computerized facility coupled by the most advanced machinery supplied by elite suppliers , also we have our office and warehouse in Dubai and Sharjah to cater all over UAE and GCC .

UCF plant employs an advanced alternate technology used in a number of emerging markets. Quality management systems and constant inspection procedures are conducted at UCF (Union Chemicals Factory) to ensure each batch of Sulfonation products are in accordance to international safety standards.

Along with its manufacturing unit UCF (Union Chemicals Factory), IICT (Ittihad International Chemicals Trading LLC) is fast becoming a leader of Chemical supplier in UAE by its unwavering didication for best of Quality and Customer service , having secured more than 60% market share in the region for Sulphonic Chemicals of LABSA and SLES , strive to accomplish the same feat in other Commodity and Specialty chemicals with its tireless effort .