All -in-One Event Tech Suite

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Dreamcast is an expert event-tech company with more than 10+ years of experience in the event industry & 1000+ satisfied clients. We are a 100% requirement-based, one-stop event-tech solution & service provider for a variety of event formats including:

On-Ground Event Services
Hybrid Event Platform
Virtual Event Platform
In-Person Event Platform
Live Streaming Services
Webinar Platform & Services
Tech-Based Activations
Event Registration & Ticketing
Solutions like Microsites & Mobile-App for Events
WhatsApp Based Automation
Cashless Services for Digital Payment Systems
And much more!!

Dreamcast offers smart event solutions to create a seamless experience for the event audience and easiness for the organizer. We offer an array of services and support for making any event dynamics interactive and engaging. By using our services, businesses and organizations from different industries can host an end-to-end customizable, scalable and value-added event.

With years of expertise, we enable the event industry to integrate any new technology into your event alike. Catering to the rising demand for digitalization & tech-based on-ground event solutions, Dreamcast offers top-notch end-to-end solutions for event ticketing & registration, exhibitor management, white-label mobile event app, and much more.

Dreamcast as a platform helps the business in hosting a wide range of events irrespective of their format and type. Additionally, our services are not limited to business only as any individual can hire us for personal celebrations and events. Here is the list of events any organization can host using the Dreamcast platform but not limited to;

Townhall & AGMs
Shows & Fairs
Product Launches
Exhibition & Expos
Summits and Other Corporate Meetings

All these can be hosted in any format be it virtual, hybrid, or in-person events as we offer functionalities and features such as;

100% Customized Event Platform
Smart On-Ground Event Solutions
Tech-Based Event Activations
Integration of VR and Gamification
Insightful Data and Analytics
Real-Time Audience Interaction
Budget-Friendly Solutions
Multi-Lingual Possibilities
Third-Party Integrations
Social Walls and Photo Booth
Chroma-Key Streaming Set-Up
Live Commerce Integration

From virtual events, hybrid events, and webinars to live streaming, webcasting, and in-person events, we provide services with no geographical restrictions. Our services & solutions are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and across UAE as well as other countries in the Middle East.

Dreamcast in its full capacity is moving forward and emitting significant changes in the whole event industry with its user-friendly, requirement-based, and convenient services. We are meant to serve you in the best possible way as well as believe in making your vision come true in your next event.


Q What is Dreamcast?

Dreamcast is a company that specializes in providing live streaming and virtual event solutions. Dreamcast offers services and technologies that enable organizations to host and broadcast events, conferences, webinars, and other gatherings in a virtual or hybrid format.

Q What types of events can I host using Dreamcast's platform?

Dreamcast's platform is versatile and can be used to host a wide range of virtual and hybrid events. Some of the types of events you can host using Dreamcast's platform include:

Conferences: Host virtual conferences with multiple sessions, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions.

Webinars: Conduct educational webinars, workshops, and training sessions with live streaming and audience engagement features.

Product Launches: Showcase new products or services to a global audience, with real-time engagement for questions and feedback.

Trade Shows and Expos: Create virtual trade shows and expos with virtual booths, exhibitor presentations, and networking opportunities.

Corporate Meetings: Conduct virtual meetings, town halls, and company-wide updates with options for live interactions.

Virtual Galas and Fundraisers: Organize virtual fundraising events, charity galas, and auctions with live streaming and donation features.

Entertainment Events: Stream concerts, theater performances, comedy shows, and other entertainment events to online audiences.

Virtual Weddings and Celebrations: Enable guests to attend weddings, birthdays, and special celebrations remotely via live streams.

Educational Events: Deliver online courses, workshops, and educational content with live instructor interactions.

Hybrid Events: Combine in-person and virtual attendees for events like hybrid conferences, where some participants are on-site while others join remotely.

Press Conferences: Conduct press conferences, product announcements, and media briefings with global reach.

Town Hall Meetings: Engage employees or community members in town hall meetings and open forums regardless of their physical location.

Sports Events: Stream sports competitions, tournaments, and esports events with live commentary and fan interaction.

Healthcare Webinars: Offer medical webinars, telehealth consultations, and healthcare education through live streaming.

Religious Services: Live stream religious services, ceremonies, and spiritual gatherings for remote congregations.

Q Why Dreamcast is a Popular event technology service provider in UAE?

Dreamcast's popularity in the UAE stems from its reliable event technology services. Offering customization, local support, and secure solutions, Dreamcast caters to diverse event needs. With a strong track record and positive user experiences, it has gained trust among UAE event organizers for seamless and engaging virtual and hybrid events.