Emirates Refinery

Emirates Refinery


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For over two decades, Emirates Refinery underwent a revolution in developing, manufacturing and marketing of specialty products.  A tradition that began in 1993 when the company founder Dr. Talal El Sayed, established the grounds of the lubricant additive industry in the region with an innovative aim to support the lubricant industries.

Emirates Refinery, supply wide range of products automotive engines to industrial engine applications in the local and international market. 

Our Facility

Our company is housed in 12,000 square meters including a covered warehouse of 9,000 square meters. Our prime location is an easy access to various ports in the UAE, which enables us to export and import raw materials and finished goods on urgent basis to various countries in the region.

What we deliver

Emirates Refinery offers a broad range of high-performance lubricant additives and specialty products used in the formulation of automotive, marine and industrial lubricants.