Jordex Global LLC

Jordex Global LLC


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Jordex Global offers a wide range of logistical services and solutions, regardless the characteristics, origin or destination of the cargo. Container forwarding from and to all destinations, global storage solutions or support in custom activities, Jordex Global does it, competitive, fast and reliable.

Jordex Shipping and Forwarding Netherlands brings more than 30 years of worldwide experience to the Middle East by opening the doors of Jordex Global FZ LLC based in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. With our regional offices in the United Arab Emirates we will continue to provide our highest quality of service. The strength of Jordex Global lies in the innovative and fresh approach to their activities. High quality standards and sustainable business relationships are only achievable, when your approach is focussed and determined. No standardized services, but tailor-made and personal. Jordex wants to add value and make customer’s life a bit easier.

The Middle East has promising prospects for the future. Besides the promising developments and investments in this region, it is very well geographically located. The Middle East, especially the Gulf is developing as an important logistic hub for the world trade. With our first class agency network, our enthusiastic Middle East desk in the Netherlands and our Jordex Global branch offices in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, we are able to serve our clients with up-to-date information about developments in the region and their shipments to and from the Middle East.