Rover Logistic Freight LLC

Rover Logistic Freight LLC


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We are here to carve a niche for ourselves in the field of freight & logistics under the name of Rover Logistic Freight LLC of Dubai.

Formed by a group of enterprising individuals & armed with a team of enthusiastic, skilled and experienced staff, we offer a wide range of service in the field of activities, to meet the growing needs of a highly comprehensive & demanding market.

We would like to introduce ourselves in brief as a quality service provider in the field of logistics, which includes land transportation. Our team is well trained, knowledgeable and experienced, to provide un-paralleled service.

Our company today has a prestigious name catering to many local and overseas customers, offering the following services:

 Shipping & Logistics
 Clearing and forwarding services at air and seaports
 Warehousing and distribution services
 Sea exports/imports to/from all parts of the globe
 Daily trucking services between Oman-UAE
 Shifting & Removals
 Projects/crane/heavy equipments & Exhibition Handling
 Consolidation (Air/Sea/Land)

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our inland transportation services. This missive highlights the services and professional ethics that have molded Ezitrans Transportation Services into one of the most competent service providers in the UAE today.

Our name defines us, and keeps us unique; it is the result of everything we do, and the foundation for our future growth. Uncompromising quality, superb customer service, cleanliness, responsiveness, reliability and the total safety of consignments are the standards on which Ezitrans was built, and upon which we continue to successfully operate today.

From the beginning, Ezitrans was established keeping in mind the tradition of exceptional customer service. The strategy was simple: to be one of the premier transportation companies in this corner of the world and by taking care of our valued customers better than anyone else.

We are successfully delivering the different kind of loads in different parts of GCC on regular basis. With this introduction, we would like to offer ourselves as a quality service provider to handle your shipments most efficiently and cost effectively.

Today the operative word is expansion. Our growth strategy is simple. We want to take our distinctive orange and blue trucks to all the major cities in the Gulf, to be the best at what we do, increase our market share in each city we operate, to provide quality service and to maintain our role as a major road transporter in the region.