Taqeef Showroom

Taqeef Showroom


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At Taqeef, we source the most powerful Air Conditioning technology in the world and deliver it to our clients, right here in the Middle East. Technology that’s designed to help us all live, learn, work and play more comfortably. We’ve been the market leader in the region for almost 50 years. Our exclusive partnerships with the biggest and best names in the AC industry means we offer the biggest and best range of cooling technology. And we underpin this with the biggest and best customer service, support and technical teams.

Tackling the region’s desert heat is a challenge. But we thrive on making the impossible, possible and we see each challenge as an opportunity. So, we’re constantly innovating to bring the latest advancements in cooling technology to the UAE, Jordan and Iraq.

Our success is built on such innovation. Innovation made possible by our brand partners, our understanding of the region’s culture and climate, and our relentless focus on technology, design and service. At Taqeef we give all projects – large or small – our best thinking and our best value. It’s no coincidence that our customer satisfaction and retention rate is amongst the best in the industry.

For 50 years we’ve been innovating to create new possibilities in the most challenging climates.

We’ve pioneered game-changing AC technology in the region.

We’ve redefined comfort in homes, businesses and communities. We’ve collaborated to put sustainability at the heart of all our HVAC solutions. And, we’ve brought incredible products and partners together to improve people’s lives and the planet, one degree at a time.