Water Engineering Services FZE

Water Engineering Services FZE


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Water Engineering Services FZE is a leader in the water treatment technologies, provides technical solutions for treating primary sea water, brackish water, well water, surface water and waste water utilizing membrane separation technologies – microfiltration, ultrafiltration, Nano filtration, reverse osmosis – together with chemical conditioning and mechanical filtration producing high quality drinking water and desalinated pure water for industrial and agricultural purposes.

Water Engineering Services FZE delivers cost effective, reliable water treatment plants and services to municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and institutional customers worldwide.

We always apply personal and collective creativity and initiative in identifying innovative ways to fulfill our clients’ expectations and adhere at all times to high standards when it comes to our people.

We operate transparently and with accountability at all times in all activities with our clients and employees. We always demonstrate equal courtesy, patience and respect for our employees, clients and suppliers in everything we do. We encourage teamwork, diversity of talent, knowledge and experience amongst our colleagues and to consistently find best overall solutions for our clients.